Established in 2014

Before the boom of escape rooms across the country, Cryptology opened in Nottingham city centre in July of 2015. It was conceived after playing mediocre escape games across the country and recognising a niche in being able to stand out.

2nd Branch in 2016

Seeing a gap in the market of Barnsley, a second branch with brand new games opened up. Wide acclaim from escape room enthusiasts set a high bar for Barnsley to meet.

Nothing Duplicated

Each game, every puzzle, all themes: these are hand-crafted, tested, vetted and built from the ground up.

Responsive Booking System

The booking system has been designed to work on any viewport. So, if you're booking from a tablet, smartphone, TV, computer or laptop, you will be able to with ease.

Ardunio Intelligence

Utilising behind-the-scenes modern electronics, games come alive with new and exciting features.

Customer Stats System

A portal is available to all customers to review their performance and rank. This is kept up-to-date and also shows their rank when they played.

In-Branch Staff

With more games being designed as the spare space in the two locations is being eaten up, staffing is always being considered within the branches. Please contact the individual branch for further information.


Cryptology is open to franchising. You will get support from experienced escape room owners who will ensure your set design and gameflow is to the standard Cryptology has set.

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